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... the cardboard box lid is jammed. LOL.

So this is your first Unity effort, huh? Lookin' good, SD.
I think it would have been more ambient if you'd IMPLIED the cop though, rather than breaking immersion by rendering him like a Minecraft giant. ;)))

um, the controls suck. I can't use em. LEft-handed with a function deficit, trying to do a strictly-left-handed button press when you can't use your other hand for jumping or movement? not working. at all. try again, please. However, upgrading yourself ws fun! (I'm a transhumanist, occasionally, so I get the point from the comments.) like the music... the little sound effects are like farts though... ew.

Oh my god I will be playing a lot of this. GOLD.

Cute idea!!!! Elaborate in a sequel, please?

I LOVe the art. I have a thing for pixel art. But I wish it was an rpg like Link to the Past instead. Not enough of those with deep story... ;(
Also, jumping is hard. shouldn't be that hard with the mechanic you've implemented. Over-complication for the sake of it is just lazy. Don't do that. But I like this game!

Her ass cheek perspective seems wrong... like, foreground v. background? Usually, in perspective, the body part closest to the front, to the viewer, is the largest, while the other is smaller... Anyway, mmmm. The area BEFORe the giant flower was assery. Liked the flower though. ;)

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oh man that was brutal bro. GOOD JOB! haha. But the serious tone of the first one was lost. Are you sure the humor didn't detract? If not, well, this was fun! oh man I am too old for platformers... timed sequences fry my nerves like nothing else! ;) haha. the ending was funny.

For Next Time, a few thoughts:

1. no timed sequences- or at least make them easier for those of us who have cognitive deficits and need time to catch up. You ain't doin our nerves any favors.
2. MORE STORY! maybe a bit of story between every few levels? ;) pretty please? like, some back-story between her and her... father person?
3. there was a LOT of lag during Guiding Light and onward. I was gritting my teeth trying to make sure the game would function during the timed sequences. OUCH. my brain is mush, and not in a healthy way.

anyway, Fun!

this is love.

also this makes me want to make fried green tomatoes now. CURSE YOU.

I just like the stretchy windy kawaii dog.

Oh damn Jesus! SO. FUNNY.

The only medal I didn't get was Celebrity Selfie.
Love your shit man. LOVE YOUR SHIT. FUNNY DAMN SHIT.

yay! I always liked chess-themed games, without too much math (because math doesn't relax me) Hey, do you have any with those clear pieces? You know, the clear chess pieces that look like ice and make you think of the cold? Oh, that would be fun! An entire escape game made of ice/glass... ooooo.

One hundred meters? That ought to keep the cows guessing.

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