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Diet Egoraptor… nice. Just played Andromeda. Lol, right? Never had the chance to get my paws on the others... I enjoyed it a lot, except for the bArbitrary Space Racism Lulz and the whole 'Pathfinder sux oh wai OH SHIIII' And the whole nosebleed of Antioch was Cool, though. But I like that shit, so...

Heh. Haha. I do not intend to ever watch Stranger Things, but I've seen plenty like it in my time. LOL I'm 37. Now... that being said... this theme would work well with a Mass Effect Andromeda parody.

ooo I love the character art style on the woman! Reminds me of Spirited Away/Princess Mononoke and Moribito.

Please do more!

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... the cardboard box lid is jammed. LOL.

So this is your first Unity effort, huh? Lookin' good, SD.
I think it would have been more ambient if you'd IMPLIED the cop though, rather than breaking immersion by rendering him like a Minecraft giant. ;)))

um, the controls suck. I can't use em. LEft-handed with a function deficit, trying to do a strictly-left-handed button press when you can't use your other hand for jumping or movement? not working. at all. try again, please. However, upgrading yourself ws fun! (I'm a transhumanist, occasionally, so I get the point from the comments.) like the music... the little sound effects are like farts though... ew.

Oh my god I will be playing a lot of this. GOLD.

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mmm jazzypop. delicious. reminds me of Primordia.

Ah, that one shrill middle bit in between harmonies is a bit too shrill for my ears, but still the overall effect is a nice one. Reminds me a bit of Yume Nikki, and Chrono Cross. ah, Chrono Cross... mmm

ZeroDigitZ responds:

Thanks for the review. I've never listened to Chrono Cross or Yume Nikki OST's, but I will definitely check it out.

oo the bass jars you awake, doesn't it? ;) nice.

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… is that Addison? Looks like Addison, the swarthy bitch.

I like! Her mood is perfect. And her large mouth is all business. Her eyes are piercing and direct. nice.

Reminds me of Archetype Kosmos a little bit. The navel's too high though.

One hundred meters? That ought to keep the cows guessing.

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