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Diet Egoraptor… nice. Just played Andromeda. Lol, right? Never had the chance to get my paws on the others... I enjoyed it a lot, except for the bArbitrary Space Racism Lulz and the whole 'Pathfinder sux oh wai OH SHIIII' And the whole nosebleed of Antioch was Cool, though. But I like that shit, so...

Heh. Haha. I do not intend to ever watch Stranger Things, but I've seen plenty like it in my time. LOL I'm 37. Now... that being said... this theme would work well with a Mass Effect Andromeda parody.

ooo I love the character art style on the woman! Reminds me of Spirited Away/Princess Mononoke and Moribito.

Please do more!

Is it the possibly unintended child of Sophia? The fight between Buddhism, Hinduism and Catholicism? Crucifixion of the subconscious collective mind? Do we truly WANT to be as Gods, wrapped in alien-ness and unable to see ourselves? Would it truly be that way? Delicious.

Marvelous. I look forward to the next installment with baited breath. This is simply one of the most diverting attachments I've ever come across. This is masterful work. I said it at the beginning, and no doubt I will say it at the end. Bravissimo. I am a sucker for symbology.

Haha. Sometimes the way Smile moves reminds me of an embryonic Archon.
thought-provoking fare, as usual. Nice touch to see Smile reflect on itself more.

And the end of this episode? Gorgeous. This series ought to be remembered by many.

Meh, I liked the first version better... ;(
But, barring the disrespect of homeless people, hobo grease was epic and the chase scene was good too. Still, it doesn't have the grace or flow of the first version. I think this second remake was not as good an effort, frankly. ;O Why is Brian so shit and unconscionably annoying? You characterization was spot-on before! Just because you CAn change it, doesn't mean you should.

mmmm the writing isn't as tight... I'm worried! O.o The animation reminds me of chocolate for some reason, I don't know why.

I love this series. I hope there's more! There are few things in life more wonderful to me than tight humor. Also Meredith.

I keep wondering if this is what would happen if Shinji Ikari found the TARDIS...

oh man. this is great! The humor is SO tight and spot-on! I love it when that happens. Also, all hail Meredith, Queen of the Apes of Ignorance.

One hundred meters? That ought to keep the cows guessing.

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