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mmm jazzypop. delicious. reminds me of Primordia.

Ah, that one shrill middle bit in between harmonies is a bit too shrill for my ears, but still the overall effect is a nice one. Reminds me a bit of Yume Nikki, and Chrono Cross. ah, Chrono Cross... mmm

ZeroDigitZ responds:

Thanks for the review. I've never listened to Chrono Cross or Yume Nikki OST's, but I will definitely check it out.

oo the bass jars you awake, doesn't it? ;) nice.

cool. sounds like something that should be in a Final Fantasy game. like, now.

I love this, also the little run that was in the game itself. I LOVE that run. I wish I could have it as an mp3... ;O reminds me of... something, I can't quite put my finger on it, like Fantastic Planet or something... Vampire Hunter D, something... I watched once...

paperbrain responds:

Thanks for the kind words!

lol this sounds like it should be in a sequel to Primordia. catchy!

YakovlevArt responds:

haha, nice!

well shit that was epictacular.

OH god I love this. This is sooo relaxing. thank you!

guhhhh, maybe it's just my ears, I will give it that, but.... the cadence and syllabic emphasis seems wrong for the mood of the words! does anyone else get that about the awesome w-meow's stuff? I am worried that he won't get a bang for his output buck if he keeps ignoring this issue, if it IS an issue. who else thinks this?

Wondermeow responds:

Lol, thanks Radeshtka for your feedback I will take note ^^.

Kind regards,


nice timbre! But it's too stilted, like you're reading from a script! Like you're announcing a movie instead of dwelling in the moment of the script action and letting your voice unfold its meaning slightly beforehand. ;) Being a neurotic, I can pick out sounds better than some, but I have yet to develop it into a saleable talent due to other limitations. I am not a people person, and I realize now that that's okay and that I never will be, so will never do most of the things I would do if I were, but you have some real talent here, to my ears, and if you make a bigger effort to inhabit the script and bring it from inside instead of outside, from a page you're reading, it will make a huge difference. good luck, and I hope to see more improvement in this vein and more from you, period. ;))))

Gianni responds:

Thanks! It bears mentioning that this is a cover of the announcer from Undead Nightmare, which I dunno if you played it, but the whole theming is sorta cheesy B movie, and the narration is not too much different from that. Go give him a listen sometime in the game, it's an awesome game and you'll have a blast if you haven't done so already! Anyway, you had some great things to say and I appreciate the input!

One hundred meters? That ought to keep the cows guessing.

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