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i can't say i have been in an abusive relationship with my father so i can't handle on that. i know about mental and physical abuse though. unfortunally i can't solve your problems although i would love to. i have some friends with menatally abusive parents and i have send someone to her bf because her mom went of like an atomic bomb on her and i didn't think it was save. i had the luck people believed me. the only thing i can do to help you is give you advice.

if nobody believes you give them proof. if he is mentally abusing you than record what he is yelling, record when just goes of flying about nothing. you could do that with audio recording or even secret camera's around the room where he won't find them. this is indeed very risky to do because clearly he has anger issues but it is proof for the cops and other people that he isn't the sweet guy he claims to be. if you want it to stop and you want him to stop and you think it is worth the risk to get him caught i suggest that. or you can call someone while the conversation is going on so they can be a witness to it (do it unseen though, i wouldn't want you or your mom to get hurt) anyway thats the only thing i can come up with right now. there probebly other ways like getting him caught while he is yelling but i am afraid he would be able to turn the conversation around. the way i suggest isn't the best way to solve it but it is the most solid way to get proof of him that is crystal clear and would be really hard to turn his word around if you do it right.

i really hope you will feel better soon and he will stop (even though you said it has been going on for 35 years). i atleast hope you can have a couple quite days from him. nobody deserves to be abused be it physical or mentally both is wrong.

Heh. I tried to record him once. My mother turned on me and took my purse (I was about to run off away form the house, to get away for a while) and made me take out my recorder. I toldthem I was giving it to my non-clinical psychologist at the time. I didn't get to. THEY TOOK IT. I had posted the video on youtube, so my friends could see. HAHAHA eat taht bitch. But they probably couldn't because the bitch made me take it down- literally forced me on the computer and stood there over me like a slavering hagraven. (that happened AFTER what I'm about to tell you) the next day. And she nad dad threatened me, saying things would happen ( I don't remember what they were now, it's been over 7 years) if I did it again. Claimed I 'couldn't' record them becuaes of where my father worked. (Honeywell, doing some top secret stuff that he literally couldn't talk about.) so, yeah. no recording. They went psycho on me that night. THE THEY CALLED HTE COPS ON ME. ME. NOT HIM. MEEEEE. There is now a record of the cops being called on me. (I DON't EVEN.) The very idea that I could break the law is traumatizing for me, so having them called on me, when they should have been called on SOMEONE ELSE? Knowing I have an extreme!!! fear of authority and reprimand? It still upsets me a little, 7 years on. I hated them a long time after that. Now, I just want it to stop. ;) I can wait. I will wait. Until the moment arrives where it will end. I will outlast. And I will do it without violence or hatred. ;) (Of course, a bluff never hurt anyone. Heheh. I regularly have to bluff him with violence, becuase normal words do not work. It's the most bizarre thing. She's no better. She manipulates him, nags him to death. nags me to death. And then she CONTINUES to escalate it by talking to him, then acts as if she did nothing. ARGH. ;) It's a pill. But at least we have a warm house to live in and food and all that. CAn't WAIT to see his counselor and tell her all this. That will be a fun day. Am anxiously waiting. MAy pop popcorn. ;))))

Remember, I called the cops on him once, after they did it to me. They HAVE a record. But they 'can't do anything.' yeesh. oh well, I'ma go play Skyrim and wish it was DAI: The Wrath of Solas. LOL. I need more Solas in my life, bruh. Yes, we have a ps4. Can't pay our bills, but we have a ps4. That's my mom for you. Traitorous bitch. But she's my traitorous bitch. ARGH. ;O She buys shit, claims it's for me. LOLWUT??? she STILL claims the PS4 was 'for me'. hse claims she cna't even run the damn controller because of neuropathy and arthritis. But she does fine with tetris. So uess who has to? Gonna go now. HAve a good day, yeah? ;))) Like, laugh and stuff. IT's all you can do, bruh. Also, thank you for your kindness. It means the world to me, and everyone you have/will give it to. REmember to be kind to yourself, too, yeah? ;)